M-Screen Ultra

The M-Screen Ultra is a superfast, high-tech, automated screening device developed especially for large amounts of melee diamonds. It automatically feeds, screens and sorts out round brilliant diamonds at a super speed of 3 diamonds per second (up to 15.000 diamonds per hour), with 5 times fewer referrals than the M-Screen+. The short wave UV light technology behind the screening is highly secure and combined with other techniques it can accurately separate natural diamonds from simulants and potential laboratory-grown diamonds (both HPHT and CVD). 

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Measured stones/hour
0.005 - 0.20 ct
For round brilliant diamonds
Fewer referrals than M-screen+



Compact tabletop model

Screens for natural, simulants and potential laboratory-grown (HPHT & CVD)


Short Wave UV light technology combined with other techniques



Superfast (min. 3 diamonds/second)

Round brilliant diamonds from 0.005 to 0.20 ct, D-J color


Reliable and consistent results


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